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December 20, 2018
ROLLER'S Akku-Disc 100 22 V
Universal for effortless, fast and right-angled cutting many types of pipe without external burr. For cordless and mains operation. +

December 20, 2018
ROLLER'S Akku-Arco 22 V
For effortless, fast and dimensionally accurate bending. Anywhere without a cable. +

December 19, 2018
ROLLER'S Akku-Carat 22V ANC VE
Powerful and handy, for effortless, fast free hand sawing. Anywhere without a cable. +

December 19, 2018
ROLLER’S Picco P 26/SW 35
For fast, easy cutting of plastic and composite pipes and protective corrugated pipe. +

August 15, 2018
ROLLER’S Scirocco 50
For professional drying and dehumidifying! High-performance, highly efficient, fast! For commercial use in trade and industry. +

August 01, 2018
ROLLER’S Assistent XL 12"
Safe stand, also suitable for rotating pipes up to Ø 12" / 324 mm! +

March 21, 2018
ROLLER'S Calc-Control
For effectively decalcifying pipes and containers! +