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July 21, 2020
ROLLER'S Multi-Control S
The professional for flushing, disinfection and cleaning of pipe systems. +

July 20, 2020
ROLLER'S pressing tongs / pressing rings VMP
System-specific pressing tongs / pressing rings / pressing rings XL for the press fitting systems Viega Megapress / Megapress S / Megapress S XL, up to Ø 4".  +

May 06, 2020
For waterless core drilling in steel-reinforced concrete! With Micro-Pulse-Technology especially for dry drilling, e.g. in completed residence or industrial complexes! Hand held or with drill stand! +

May 04, 2020
ROLLER'S dry diamond core drilling crowns LS
High temperature resistant, dry diamond core drilling crowns, laser-welded. Especially for dry drilling with Micro-Pulse-Technology, hand held or with drill stand. +

March 30, 2020
ROLLER'S pressing tongs BMP
For refrigeration and air-conditioning technology! For system Conex Bänninger >B< MaxiPro! +

February 01, 2020
ROLLER'S Multi-Press XL 45kN 22V ACC
For radial press joints XL up to Ø 108 mm, Ø 4". Powerful, compact, universal, robust. +