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August 15, 2018
ROLLER’S Scirocco 50
For professional drying and dehumidifying! High-performance, highly efficient, fast! For commercial use in trade and industry. +

August 01, 2018
ROLLER’S Assistent XL 12"
Safe stand, also suitable for rotating pipes up to Ø 12" / 324 mm! +

March 21, 2018
ROLLER'S Calc-Control
For effectively decalcifying pipes and containers! +

August 30, 2017
ROLLER'S VisioCam 2
Compact, lightweight, electronic camera inspection system for professional inspection in brilliant quality of pictures and sound! Large 7“ colour display! Self levelling camera. With tracking device to locate the camera. With electronic metering! For documentation on SD card. +

March 24, 2017
ROLLER'S Multi-Press Mini S 22V ACC
Extra handy, extra light, super fast! For reliable pressing in seconds! Li-Ion 22V Technology. For cordless and mains operation! +

January 02, 2017
ROLLER'S Hydro-Polo
For easy and effortless bending! Effortless, oil-hydraulic manual pipe bender for pipes up to Ø 32 mm. Ideal for multilayer composite pipes up to Ø 32 mm. Also for stainless steel up to Ø 22 mm. +