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ROLLER'S Anaconda 3B

Pipe processing station up to Ø 6"

ROLLER\'S Anaconda 3B
Robust pipe processing station with integrated chain pipe vice
on collapsible tripod stand

For clamping pipes, solid material up to Ø 6“, Ø 165 mm. Load capacity up to 450 kg.
  • With specially toothed, v-shaped clamping jaws and strong clamping chain with quick catch.

Parts list Anaconda 3B (PDF)


ROLLER'S Anaconda 3B 120270 A
 <br/>ROLLER'S Anaconda 3B

Accessory: ROLLER'S Assistent 3B / WB

 <br/>ROLLER'S Assistent 1/8-6

Accessory: ROLLER’S Assistent XL 12"


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