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Soldering Technology

ROLLER\'S Pulsar

:: ROLLER'S Pulsar  ::

Electric soldering unit up to Ø 54 mm

Compact, powerful electric soldering unit
for fast, safe soldering of copper tubes Ø 6–54 mm. 

  • Super fast soldering without flame, no fire risk.
  • Extra long soldering tongs cable (4 m).
  • Short soldering time by high heating power (900°C).
  • High soldering power (2000 W!)
  • Trouble-free working by temperature-independent control of the solder current.
catalogue section ROLLER'S Pulsar (242 KB)

ROLLER\'S Jet-Fire

:: ROLLER'S Jet-Fire  ::

Soldering torch propane up to Ø 35 mm

Compact, robust soldering torch propane
for fast soft soldering of copper tubes up to Ø 35 mm.  

  • Self-igniting by piezo ignition. 
  • Flame temperature 1,950°C. 
  • Locking knob for continuous operation.
catalogue section Jet-Fire (242 KB)


:: ROLLER'S Vlies  ::

Cleaning pads

Universally applicable, metal-free, highly flexible cleaning cloth
for copper tubes, solder fittings etc. 

  • For cleaning soldered surfaces according to DVGW work sheet GW 2,
    metallically bare, dirt and oxide-free.
  • Reusable wet or dry.
catalogue section ROLLER'S Vlies (271 KB)