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May 06, 2020


For waterless core drilling in steel-reinforced concrete! With Micro-Pulse-Technology especially for dry drilling, e.g. in completed residence
or industrial complexes! Hand held or with drill stand!

Powerful, robust, handy diamond core drilling machine with Micro-Pulse-Technology. For waterless core drilling, e. g. in concrete, steel-reinforced concrete up to Ø 162 (200) mm, in masonry of all kinds, natural stone, asphalt, screed of all kinds, up to Ø 202 mm. Especially for dry drilling, hand held or with drill stand.

  • Powerful drive unit with Micro-Pulse-Technology for waterless and vibration-free core drilling, for fast, easy work, e.g. 200 mm in steel-reinforced concrete Ø 62 mm in only 5 min.
  • Separately activatable Micro-Pulse-Technology: not in operation at 1.200min-1 480 pulses per second, under load at 880 min-1 352 pulses per second.
  • Compact design, comfortable weight, drive unit only 7.0 kg.
  • Integrated dust extraction with connection for ROLLER’S Protector M or other suitable dust extractors (accessory). For dust extraction according to EN 60335-2-69!!
  • Strong, maintenance-free gear with blocking protection.
  • Robust, powerful universal motor 2200 W, with multifunctional electronics.
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May 04, 2020

ROLLER'S dry diamond core drilling crowns LS

High temperature resistant, dry diamond core drilling crowns, laser-welded. Especially for dry drilling with Micro-Pulse-Technology, hand held or with drill stand.

For many materials, e.g. concrete, steel-reinforced concrete, masonry of all kinds, natural stone, asphalt, screeds of all kinds. UNC 1¼" female thread, useful length 320 mm.

  • Driven by ROLLER’S Centro DP and by suitable drive units of other makes with UNC 1¼" female connection thread.
  • Diamond segments with diamonds positioned in the bonding. For fast, easy and quiet drilling start.
  • High quality diamond segments with special bonding with high diamond content for fast drilling and very long life.
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March 30, 2020

ROLLER'S pressing tongs BMP

For refrigeration and air-conditioning technology! For system Conex Bänninger >B< MaxiPro!

System-specific pressing tongs Mini for press fitting system Conex Bänninger >B< MaxiPro ¼–1⅛".

  • For refrigerant containing pipework up to 48 bar!
  • Driven by ROLLER’S Multi-Press Mini ACC, ROLLER’S Multi-Press Mini 22 V ACC und ROLLER’S Multi-Press Mini S 22 V ACC.
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February 01, 2020

ROLLER'S Multi-Press XL 45kN 22V ACC

For radial press joints XL up to Ø 108 mm, Ø 4". Powerful, compact, universal, robust.

Powerful, universal, robust hybrid radial press XL for cordless and mains operation with automatic circuit control. Anti-vibration system.  For radial press joints XL Ø 64–108 mm, Ø 2½–4". With Li-Ion 22V Technology!
  • For driving adaptor tongs Z7 XL 45 kN with ROLLER’S pressing rings XL (PR-3S).
  • Long working stroke for pressings in just one action. Ultra-fast, e.g. Geberit Mapress STAINLESS STEEL Ø 108 mm in only 15 s.
  • Drive unit with battery pack only 6.5 kg.
  • Several tons feed and pressing force for perfect, split-second pressing. Thrust 45 kN.
  • Robust, powerful, electrohydraulic drive. Proven, powerful battery motor 21.6 V, safety switch. Machine status check.
  • 5 years warranty (by registration).
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