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ROLLER – Competent consulting + Professional service


Sale through wholesalers

The technically progressive, high quality products, the creative marketing and the consistent sales policy over decades are decisive for the success of the ROLLER products.

The ROLLER products are sold exclusively through wholesalers. This partnership with wholesalers and the wide network of qualified service workshops guarantee the user optimum service.

  • Fast availability of our products due to nearby wholesalers.
  • Professional local consulting by trained staff of our wholesale partners.
  • Many of our products are presented on ROLLER sales walls at wholesalers.
  • List of wholesalers available under Tel. +49 (0)7151 1727-75 or info@albert-roller.de!


Free presentation service

Use our free presentation service at home or on the building site without obligation. All of our sales employees are very well trained and have wide experience with our products and their practical applications. The majority of our field service staff have been working for us for many years, for example Hartmut Marmai from Chemnitz, at ROLLER for more than 25 years.

ROLLER’S consultants are on the road every day with a fully equipped presentation vehicle for professional demonstration and presentation of our products on site.

We offer free inspection of your ROLLER’S pressing tools (press check) as a special service. We provide this exclusive service at regular intervals in the sales rooms of our wholesale dealers. Ask your dealer about this!



Under www.albert-roller.de prospective customers can quickly and easily find detailed information about the ROLLER company, about the ROLLER products and their possible applications. In addition, the user can use extensive download possibilities, e.g. operating manuals, parts lists, catalogues, etc.