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ROLLER’S Scirocco 50

:: ROLLER’S Scirocco 50 ::

Electric dehumidifier / building dryer

Electric dehumidifier / building dryer for commercial use in trade and industry. For professional drying and dehumidifying!
Dehumidification capacity of ≤ 50 l / 24 h! Air volume ≤ 265 m3/h!

  • For drying rooms quickly and effectively, e.g. after water damage and floods – for dehumidifying basements and other rooms and accelerated drying of concrete, masonry, plaster, screed, etc.
  • High-performance, highly efficient, fast!
  • With highly efficient rotary compressor and high-performance capacitor motor 900 W, with electronic deicing, for continuous operation.
  • Electronic control unit with illuminated, extensive control panel.
  • Electronic hygrostat.
  • Internal 7.7 l condensation container.
  • In strong plastic housing with tyred wheel.

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ROLLER’S Scirocco 50

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