ROLLER'S Multi-Control S

Electronic flushing unit

ROLLER\'S Multi-Control S
Powerful, compact, electronic flushing unit with oil-free compressor. Just one device with more than 10 automatically running flushing and pressure testing programs.
Universally applicable:
  • For flushing with water and water/air mixture.
  • For flushing and disinfection of drinking water installations.
  • For desilting, cleaning and preservation of heating systems.
  • For operating compressed air tools.
  • With continuous process monitoring.
  • With logging and safe of results.
  • With USB port.

Operating instruction Multi-Control S (PDF)


 <br/>ROLLER'S Multi-Control S Set


 <br/>Fine filter insert 90 µm
 <br/>Suction/pressure hose 1
 <br/>Double nipple 1

Pressure hose NW7 115621 R
 <br/>Pressure hose NW7

Printer 115604 A

Paper roll pack of 5 090015 R
 <br/>Paper roll  pack of 5


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