Camera endoscope with radio technology


Mobile, handy camera endoscope with radio technology
for brilliant pictures and videos from cavities, shafts, pipes etc.

  • For low cost inspection and damage analysis of places with difficult access such as cavities, shafts, pipes etc.
  • Documentation of pictures and videos on MicroSD card.
  • Ultra light, ultra handy, complete only 0.45 kg.
  • Controller unit with 3.5” colour display.
  • For radio signal transmission or securely pluggable to hand-held unit for direct signal transmission.
  • For battery and mains operation.
  • Exchangeable camera cable sets color Ø 16, 9 or 4.5 mm.

Operating instruction CamView (PDF)


ROLLER'S CamView Set 16-1 175110 A220
 <br/>ROLLER'S CamView Set 16-1 <br/>ROLLER'S CamView Set 16-1

ROLLER'S CamView Set 9-2 175113 A220
 <br/>ROLLER'S CamView Set 9-2 <br/>ROLLER'S CamView Set 9-2

ROLLER'S CamView Set 5 2-1 175115 A220
 <br/>ROLLER'S CamView Set 5 2-1 <br/>ROLLER'S CamView Set 5 2-1


ROLLER'S CamView Basic-Pack 175109 A220
 <br/>ROLLER'S CamView Basic-Pack <br/>ROLLER'S CamView Basic-Pack

Camera cable set 16-1 175103 A
 <br/>Camera cable set 16-1
 <br/>Camera cable set colour 9-1
 <br/>Camera cable set Color 5.2-1
 <br/>900mm Push Cable Extension


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