Electric radial press 32 kN up to 108 mm

ROLLER\'S Uni-Press SE

Robust, compact electric radial press 32 kN 
for radial press joints Ø 10–108 (110) mm, Ø ¼–4".

  • Universal for all ROLLER’S pressing tongs (except Mini) and ROLLER’S pressing rings, as well as for suitable pressing tongs / pressing rings of other makes.
  • Several tons feed and pressing force for perfect, split-second pressing. Thrust 32 kN.
  • Only 4.7 kg.
  • Electro-mechanic drive unit with safety slipping clutch.  
  • Proven, powerful universal motor 450 W. Overload protection.
  • 5 years warranty (by registration).

Operating instruction Uni-Press SE (PDF)

Parts list Uni-Press SE (PDF)

Safety instructions für Presszangen, Pressringe, Zwischenzangen, Trennzangen M, Kabelschere, Presszangen Basic E01, Presseinsätze (PDF)



 <br/>ROLLER'S Uni-Press SE
 <br/>ROLLER'S Uni-Press SE


Steel case with insert 570280 A
 <br/>Steel case with insert

Accessory: ROLLER'S pressing tongs / pressing rings

Pressing tongs V 12 570107
 <br/>Pressing tongs V 12

Pressing tongs V 14 570112
 <br/>Pressing tongs V 14

Pressing tongs VG 14 570132
 <br/>Pressing tongs VG 14

Pressing tongs V 15 570115
 <br/>Pressing tongs V 15

Pressing tongs V 16 570117
 <br/>Pressing tongs V 16

Pressing tongs VG 16 570137
 <br/>Pressing tongs VG 16

Pressing tongs V 18 570125
 <br/>Pressing tongs V 18

Accessory: ROLLER'S pressing rings S

Accessory: ROLLER'S cropping tongs M

Cropping tongs M 6* 571890
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 6*

Cropping tongs M 8* 571895
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 8*

Cropping tongs M 10 571865
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 10

Cropping tongs M 12 571870
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 12

Accessory: ROLLER'S cable shears

Cable shear 571887
 <br/>Cable shear


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