ROLLER'S pressing tools

Radial presses / pressing tongs and pressing rings up to Ø 108 mm

ROLLER\'S pressing tools

ROLLER’S universal radial presses for pressfitting systems!

ROLLER’S radial presses can be used universally for all common pressfitting systems and satisfy all the criteria regarding work safety, functional safety and operating safety for perfect, system-conformant safe pressing.

Extensive endurance tests and the comprehensive ROLLER quality assurance system confirms the high reliability and the high quality of the ROLLER’S pressing tools as well as the constant shear force of the ROLLER’S radial presses for constantly reliable pressing.

ROLLER’S pressing tongs / pressing rings / pressing rings XL for maximum quality requirements!

ROLLER’S Mini pressing tongs/ROLLER’S pressing tongs/ROLLER’S pressing rings with adapter tongs/ROLLER’S XL pressing rings with XL adapter tongs are made from drop-forged and tenacious, specially hardened special steel and can therefore safely withstand the necessary pressing forces..

The respective system-specific pressing contour is formed with high precision in one action, together with the identification of the pressing contour and size, and exactly rounded on CNC machining centres. This ensures perfectly system-conformant, reliable pressing and long life.

Safety instructions für Presszangen, Pressringe, Zwischenzangen, Trennzangen M, Kabelschere, Presszangen Basic E01, Presseinsätze (PDF)


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