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circular metal saw up to 78 mm


Universel, powerful, compact, robust pipe circular saw
for pipes, profiles and others.  

  • For fast and smooth sawing.
  • With automatic cooling lubricant device.
  • For bevel cuts up to 45°.
  • Only 22 kg.
  • Proven, powerful universal motor, 1,200 W.
  • For ROLLER'S metal circular saw blades Ø 225 mm

Operating instruction Filou K (PDF)
Parts list Filou K (PDF)


ROLLER'S Filou K 849007 A220
 <br/>ROLLER'S Filou K


 <br/>ROLLER Univ. circ.met.sawbl.
 <br/>ROLLER circ.sawbl. INOX (HSS)
 <br/>ROLLER circ.met. sawbl. HSS-E

Wheel stand 849310 R
 <br/>Wheel stand

Stand 849315 R

Electronic speed regulator 565051 A220
 <br/>Electronic speed regulator

Accessory: ROLLER'S Smaragdol

 <br/>ROLLER'S Smaragdol Kanister 5l

ROLLER'S Smaragdol 55 l 140103 A
 <br/>ROLLER'S Smaragdol 55 l
ROLLER'S Smaragdol 200 l

Accessory: ROLLER'S Rubinol 2000

 <br/>ROLLER'S Rubinol 2000 5l

ROLLER'S Rubinol 55 l 140113 A
 <br/>ROLLER'S Rubinol 55 l

ROLLER'S Rubinol 200 l 140114 A
ROLLER'S Rubinol 200 l

Accessory: ROLLER'S Werkmeister

ROLLER'S Werkmeister 120200 A
 <br/>ROLLER'S Werkmeister

ROLLER'S Werkmeister E 120240 A
 <br/>ROLLER'S Werkmeister E

Accessory: ROLLER'S Assistent 3B / WB

 <br/>ROLLER'S Assistent 1/8-6

ROLLER'S Assistent WB 120130 A
 <br/>ROLLER'S Assistent WB

Accessory: ROLLER'S Assistent XL 12"


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