Diamond core drilling machine with Micro-Pulse-Technology up to Ø 202 mm

Powerful, robust, handy diamond core drilling machine with Micro-Pulse-Technology.
For waterless core drilling, e. g. in concrete, steel-reinforced concrete up to Ø 162 (200) mm, in masonry of all kinds, natural stone, asphalt, screed of all kinds, up to Ø 202 mm. Especially for dry drilling, hand held or with drill stand.
  • Powerful drive unit with Micro-Pulse-Technology for waterless and vibration-free core drilling, for fast, easy work, e.g. 200 mm in steel-reinforced concrete Ø 62 mm in only 5 min.
  • Separately activatable Micro-Pulse-Technology: not in operation at 1.200min-1 480 pulses per second, under load at 880 min-1 352 pulses per second.
  • Compact design, comfortable weight, drive unit only 7.0 kg.
  • Integrated dust extraction with connection for ROLLER’S Protector M or other suitable dust extractors (accessory). For dust extraction according to EN 60335-2-69!!
  • Strong, maintenance-free gear with blocking protection.
  • Robust, powerful universal motor 2200 W, with multifunctional electronics.

Operating instruction Centro DP (PDF)

Parts list Centro DP (PDF)



 <br/>ROLLER'S Centro DP

Accessory: ROLLER'S dry diamond core drilling crowns LS

Accessory: Accessories for ROLLER'S Centro

Crown extension 200 mm 180155 R
 <br/>Crown extension 200 mm

Easy detach ring 180015
 <br/>Easy detach ring

Grinding stone 079012
 <br/>Grinding stone

Spanner SW 41 079003
 <br/>Spanner SW 41

Drill template Titan 183605 R
 <br/>Drill template Titan
 <br/>Laser drilling centre pointer

Accessory: ROLLER'S Protector 2


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