ROLLER'S Protector 2

Dry and wet extractor

ROLLER\'S Protector 2
Universal, powerful dry and wet extractor with automatic filter cleaning
for extracting dusts, dirt and liquids.
  • Certified dust extractor for extraction and collection of health hazardous dusts.
  • ROLLER’S Protector 2 L: certified according to dust class L
    ROLLER’S Protector 2 M: certified according to dust class M in accordance with EN 60335-2-691
  • Large tank capacity 31 l, for liquids 17 l.
  • Robust, powerful bypass motor, 1,200 W, with high-power turbine.
  • On/off switch and switch for automatic filter cleaning.
  • Integrated appliance socket for power tools up to 2,200 W with electronic automatic on/off.

Operating instruction Protector 2 (PDF)

Parts list Protector 2 M (PDF)

Parts list Protector 2 L (PDF)



ROLLER'S Protector 2 L Set 185600 A220
 <br/>ROLLER'S Protector 2 L Set <br/>ROLLER'S Protector 2 L Set

ROLLER'S Protector 2 M Set 185601 A220
 <br/>ROLLER'S Protector 2 M Set <br/>ROLLER'S Protector 2 M Set
 <br/>ROLLER'S Protector 2 L Set W
 <br/>ROLLER'S Protector 2 M Set D


 <br/>Fleece filter bag, pack of 5

Wet filter bag, pack of 5 185512 A05
 <br/>Wet filter bag, pack of 5
 <br/>Polyethylene bag, pack of 10 <br/>Polyethylene bag, pack of 10

Flat-folded filter PES 185515 A01
 <br/>Flat-folded filter PES

Suction hose 185654 R
Suction hose


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