Single-hand tube bender up to Ø 32 mm

Practical, ultra handy, ultra light compact one-handed pipe bender
for soft pipes up to Ø 32 mm, Ø ⅞", up to 90°.
  • For simple, fast and dimensionally accurate bending.
  • Universally usable for many pipe types. 
  • Bender is amortised after just a few bends by saving on fittings. No costs for fittings, storage, procurement.
  • Drive unit only 0.9 kg.
  • Practical multifunction lever for fast feed and fast return.
  • Dimensionally accurate bending by marked bending formers.

Operating instruction Polo (PDF)
Parts list Polo (PDF)


Bender drive 153100 A
 <br/>Bender drive

Back-former holder Ø 32 153115 RX2
 <br/>Back-former holder Ø 32

Form holder 153125 RX
 <br/>Form holder

Bending segment Ø 10 153155 R
 <br/>Bending segment Ø 10

Bending segment Ø 12 153160 R
 <br/>Bending segment Ø 12

Bending segment Ø 14 153170 R
 <br/>Bending segment Ø 14

Bending segment Ø 15 153175 R
 <br/>Bending segment Ø 15


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