Electric tube extractor upt to Ø 22 mm

ROLLER\'S Rotaro

Robust, stable tube electric neck expander
for copper tubes Ø 10–22 mm, wall thickness up to 1.5 mm.

  • For simple production of T-outlets for tube installation without fittings.
  • No costs for fittings, storage, procurement. Saving on solder points.
  • Proven, high torque drive unit with 630 W.

Operating instruction Rotaro (PDF)

Parts list Rotaro (PDF)

Parts list Rotaro to Masch. Nr. 2060031049 (PDF)



Rotaro Set 12+15+18+22 151000 A220
 <br/>Rotaro Set 12+15+18+22
 <br/>ROLLER'S Rotaro


ROLLER'S Rotaro Drive unit 151402 A220
 <br/>ROLLER'S Rotaro

Extractor tool Ø 10 mm 151105 A
 <br/>Extractor tool Ø 10 mm

Extractor tool Ø 12 mm 151110 A
 <br/>Extractor tool Ø 12 mm

Extractor tool Ø 14 mm 151120 A
 <br/>Extractor tool Ø 14 mm

Extractor tool Ø 15 mm 151125 A
 <br/>Extractor tool Ø 15 mm

Extractor tool Ø 16 mm 151130 A
 <br/>Extractor tool Ø 16 mm

Extractor tool Ø 18 mm 151140 A
 <br/>Extractor tool Ø 18 mm


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