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ROLLER'S Multi-Press XL 45kN 22V ACC

:: ROLLER'S Multi-Press XL 45kN 22V ACC ::

Hybrid radial press XL for Ø 64 – 108 mm

Powerful, universal, robust hybrid radial press XL for cordless and mains operation with automatic circuit control. Anti-vibration system.
For radial press joints XL Ø 64–108 mm, Ø 2½–4". With Li-Ion 22V Technology!
  • For driving adaptor tongs Z7 XL 45 kN with ROLLER’S pressing rings XL (PR-3S).
  • Long working stroke for pressings in just one action. Ultra-fast, e.g. Geberit Mapress STAINLESS STEEL Ø 108 mm in only 15 s.
  • Drive unit with battery pack only 6.5 kg.
  • Several tons feed and pressing force for perfect, split-second pressing. Thrust 45 kN.
  • Robust, powerful, electrohydraulic drive. Proven, powerful battery motor 21.6 V, safety switch. Machine status check.
  • 5 years warranty (by registration).

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ROLLER\'S Multi-Press XL 45kN 22V ACC

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