Cordless pipe saw

Powerful, robust, compact hybrid pipe saw for cordless and mains operation.
Ideal for steel pipes and others, as well as for numerous materials. With Li-Ion 22 V Technology! Li-Ion 21.6 V, 9.0 Ah battery for approx. 80 1” steel pipe cuts with guide holder per battery charge.
  • For right-angled, fast sawing of steel pipes with ROLLER’S guide holder. Anywhere without a cable..
  • Guide holder with 5-fold force transmitting leverage for 400 % more sawing power for fast, effortless, right-angled sawing. Also for free-hand sawing.
  • Very robust oscillator drive.
  • All-round needle-bearing crank drive (ANC).
  • Only 3.4 kg.
  • Proven, powerful battery motor 21.6 V, 500 W output.
  • Machine status check with overload protection.
  • Vario electronic, stroke speed 0 to 1,900 rpm.
  • Li-Ion 22 V technology: Highly resistant Li-Ion 21.6 V batteries with 9.0 Ah capacity, for long life. Light and powerful.

Operating instruction Fox 22 V VE (PDF)
Parts list Fox 22 V VE (PDF)

Verwendungsübersicht ROLLER’S Akku-Werkzeuge-Akkus-Schnellladegeräte-SPV (PDF)

Safety instructions Akkus (PDF)


 <br/>ROLLER'S Akku-Fox 22V VE Set
 <br/>ROLLER'S Akku-Fox 22V SetÖP


 <br/>Guiding support up to 2

Protecting cover 563008 R
Protecting cover

Battery Li-ion 21.6V 9.0Ah 571583 A22
 <br/>Battery Li-ion 21.6V  9.0Ah
 <br/>Power-Pack 22V 9.0Ah/230V 90W
 <br/>Power-Pack 22V 9.0Ah/230V 290W
 <br/>Rapid charger Li-Ion 22V  90W
 <br/>Rapid charger Li-Ion 22V  290W

Accessory: ROLLER'S Worklight 2800 22 V

Accessory: ROLLER'S special saw blades

Accessory: ROLLER'S saw blades


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